Interesting piece!

However, I found myself disagreeing with the idea that "we possess significant autonomy in directing our time. No entity compels us to scroll through TikTok or binge on Netflix <..>"

All the tech giants literally put hundreds of millions of $ into hacking our brains and nervous systems for us to feel compelled to check and become addicted to their products.

I find the narrative that it's on the individual to figure this out and resist, very convenient to big corporations like Meta etc.

They found the keys to the kingdom of hacking our brain and it's not a matter of an individual's willpower. I think if anyone had to be in the position of agency, the kids of tech owners and tech owners themselves would be. But they seem to shield their kids from smartphones and themselves use flip phones primarily.

If I remember correctly, Sam Altman talked about this on the recent JRE episode. Tristan Harris' work has also proved the opposite of it's all on the individual's agency sentiment.

I have a Psych degree, am very aware of how tech manipulates my mind and brain, I have tactics in place (no social media apps on the phone, time limits, notifications off) to avoid getting swept in and I *still* do get swept in it.

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